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Too Committed to Retire

Currently coached by 76-year-old NavStaff Noel Nelson, the NavFusion group at Austin Peay State University has raised up many laborers and numerous NavStaff over the years. Noel, who still has a big heart for students, is the glue that holds the ministry together. He and his wife, Cary, illustrate how NavStaff can literally make a ministry possible by investing just a few hours a month. Austin Peay illustrates how NavFusion works. Ordinary people from many walks of life can do a fine job of leading a Nav campus. Principals, teachers, grad students and students, when well coached, can have what it takes to lead a successful Nav ministry. In years past, APSU has been led by a welder, a chemistry teacher, a fire fighter and military personnel from nearby Fort Campbell. Part of a movement of volunteer-led campuses, Austin Peay shows how people from all walks of life can lead campuses all over America.

Welcome to NavFusion is the Internet home of NavFusion, a network of campuses of The Navigators collegiate ministry that are led by people from every walk of life, rather than by salaried Navigator staff. Doctors, homemakers, fire fighters, professors, businessmen and women, even students themselves. NavFusion is an arm of the collegiate ministries of The Navigators and works in close interaction with the staff-led ministries of The Navigators.